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Tina Erdmann

Tina Erdmann

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The first time I discovered photography I was 11 years old. My parents had given me a small point and shoot for Christmas and I was immediately hooked. I happily snapped photos of my family, friends, and environment, using all of my babysitting money for developing and buying the film. I even won a blue ribbon for one of my photos that I’d entered in a 4-H competition that following summer.  The second time I discovered photography I was 31 years old. While trekking to Mount Everest base camp in Nepal that October, I had filled 15 rolls of film with candid images of our trekking group, local Nepalese people, and the majestic landscape that surrounded us.

When I returned home and began showing the photos to my family and friends, they were amazed at the beauty of this far away place, but they also complimented me on my photo making ability. This got me thinking….I took a huge leap and bought my first DSLR. I started shooting on manual right away, taking pictures of everything around me, and reading everything I could find on photography. I found peace and happiness while struggling to learn the technical side of this scary, but amazingly beautiful piece of equipment. I felt a pull from inside to take photos everyday, and to learn everything I could to continue improving.

Then I went a step further and started asking myself; why not change careers so I can do what I love to do all the time? At this time I had worked as a product designer in the engineering field for over 18 years. It was a stable job with great benefits, but something just didn’t feel right. However, I kept making excuses to stick with it: I had spent time and money on an education.  Wasn't it too late in life to change paths?   After much discussion with my husband, we decided it was time for me to go back to school so I could follow my heart, and make my dream a reality. I worked full time and took 12 to 15 credits per semester completing my bachelor’s degree in three and half years. I was laid off from my job one semester prior to finishing my degree (everything happens for a reason). By this time, people had started asking me if I would take their children’s portraits, and I discovered lifestyle photography.

I learned that I didn’t need a formal backdrop and a studio; I could take natural photos of people in a natural setting.  As I captured image after image, I saw the growth in my technical skills, but I also noticed a growth in my inner strength and worthiness.

My camera allows me to bring joy to others, but it also brings me so much joy and healing. Surprisingly I don’t think about how I wouldn’t have healed without it, instead each day I’m thankful for what photography has given me.

I started my business over a year ago, after attending Me Ra’s workshop. After those two amazing days with her, something clicked for me. I finally realized that I didn’t have to be perfect before I started on my dream’s path. I was looking at other photographer’s work and comparing their middle to my beginning and felt like I shouldn’t move forward until my images looked like theirs. I learned to be true to myself, and to have my own style.

I learned that a photograph doesn’t have to be technically perfect to be the perfect photograph—it’s the captured story that makes it so. It’s your son’s first steps or your daughter’s first bath. It’s your child’s first birthday, first day of school, or first day of college. It’s your husband cooing at your newborn baby, and dancing with your daughter at her wedding. Those are the perfect moments that make the perfect photos, no matter where you’re at with your technical skills or what kind of camera you use.

During our workshop I’ll give you easy to follow tips and tricks so you’re better equipped to capture those fleeting moments of your every day life’s story. I’ll also introduce you to the technical side of your camera so that you can start from where you are today, and work little by little, at your own pace, to keep improving your photos.

You just never know where you’re camera may take you!



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