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Summie Roach

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As I was standing there with my eyes closed and feeling the weight of my camera in my hands, tears started rolling down my cheek because in that moment all the reasons I had hid behind the camera for so long were revealed to me.

When our lives are packed with so much and not enough time to do all of them, sometimes the very thought of grabbing a camera to take pictures is the last thing on our mind and most definitely not in the forefront of our thoughts. The simple fear of “why even bother taking a picture because it won’t come out the way I want it to any ways?” is sometimes a bigger reason we don’t grab for that camera. As moms, we already have enough to do then to remember what position the knob of the camera is suppose to be at, right?

As a mom of an athletic son who keeps me busy year round, I know how crazy life can be. But it's still important to capture our stories, our memories because I know one day that will be all we have left when our house becomes quiet. We will be able to relive our crazy yet memorable life and smile with joy knowing I captured our family history through our story as it was happening. Our son will also be able to remember what his childhood was like even through all the busyness of life. Capturing a story is not just taking a picture but it is creating your history, documenting your life.

No matter if it's funny, happy, sad, scary, or even traumatic; each story has its own place in our life.

That morning that I was holding my camera in my hand, it was November of 2010 at a Me Ra Koh Workshop. It was there when I had realized that for me, there was more to my story, the eyes behind the lens. I connected not only to who or what I was capturing but something much deeper, the really deep down stuff, connecting emotionally to what was inside my own heart.

Being behind the lens has done was allowed me to see beauty again, the hope that God does gives us. Even though God healed my heart, it’s a reminder of that healing every time I shoot. When you shoot from your heart, you are able to capture more than just a picture. You see things differently, capturing a deeper story. Shooting with your heart, you capture emotions, hidden feelings in the eyes, the small gestures that normally would otherwise go un-noticed. You connect stronger with the ones you are shooting.

Every session, I try to create a piece of history for my clients. I connect with their family so I am capturing their story that they are creating. I try to capture the laughter and joy that happens. I want my clients to look back at the pictures and remember the stories behind those pictures. This will be something that can be told for years, a piece of their family, a piece of their history, a footprint on their hearts.

My blessing is giving what I received that weekend back to you. Being able to help you find “your why”, help you to comfortably pick up your camera and be empowered to capture your story, not just a picture. To have enough knowledge that when you walk away, you will be able to go out creating memories with confidence in knowing you will not miss the moments that sometimes cannot be recreated.

{BIG} Texas sized Hugs,



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