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Nicole Elliott

Nicole Elliott
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It was a crisp day - the leaves had been changing color for 3 weeks now - some had fallen to the ground and created a blanket for me to lay on. I sat with a shawl around me as I looked off into the distance. Beautiful bright orange, red and yellow trees as far as your eye could see. I breathed deeply - the air seemed more pure....almost heavenly there. Undeniable beauty surrounded all of me - down to my spirit. It was at that exact moment that I said out loud “God - please let me see the beauty in the world around me. Let me always see this world through your eyes. Let me see the beauty in everything - even when it’s not easy to see. Let me take in this amazing life like a deep breath of heavenly air."

It was through that same passion that was stirred up in my heart 12 years ago that my love for photography was born. This beautiful world that surrounded me was something that had to be captured!

I studied photography in high school and college over 11 years ago. That was back in the day when you rolled your own film and developed it in a darkroom. This is where I realized the Art of what photography really was. To be able to create an image from a simple idea to a realized work of art was something that stimulated every single one of my creative senses.

Shortly after, I got an incredible opportunity to work under a nationally acclaimed photographer in the twin cities. Meeting JuliAnne Jonker was a complete divine appointment and will always be a great blessing in my life. I was learning from the best and didn't take one minute for granted. My knowledge about photography continued to grow and grow.

A year later I started shooting weddings, families and kids. I loved it! It felt like the scene on Willy Wonka where all the kids enter the Chocolate Factory and go crazy eating all the candy and chocolate around them. It felt just like that! I was doing something I loved and I couldn't get enough. Photography fit real well with me - Like a great pair of jeans.

Then, in 2003 I married my best friend! He brought me from the Twin Cities to Bismarck ND, leaving all of our family and friends to start our new life together. This was a BIG transition for me so, I put a pin in my photography business for a while. I did the 9-5 job for a few years – while still doing photography on the side. It wasn’t until I had kids that my passion for photography reared it's head again. This time it came back stronger than ever! Photography has always been a passion that I could never escape.

"True inspiration creates an energy one must do something with." - Lizbeth Guerrina

My children became my "true inspiration" and it was through my desire to capture their life on film that Studio Elliott was re-born. I have three amazing girls - They are absolute Beauty to me.

I am truly honored and blessed that my heavenly Father has allowed me to do what I love every single day of my life. To be able to capture beauty all around me makes my heart Come Alive!




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Breakthrough Photo Critiques by Me Ra Koh's Team of Professional Photographers
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Double Breakthrough Photo Critiques by Me Ra Koh's Team of Professional Photographers
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