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Kelli Kalish

Kelli Kalish

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I am a woman. I am a mother. I am a photographer. It is the combination of these three..that fills my soul. Photography has transformed me. It has given me space. It has enabled me to see clearly amidst the fast paced blur of motherhood. Photography has not only allowed me to capture the stories of my children's lives, but it has also allowed me as a mother, wife AND a woman to acknowledge and embrace the artist that has always been there inside of me, waiting to be ignited and celebrated.

Shortly after the birth of my first son, Sam, I found myself desperate to capture all of his "firsts"..His first smile, first crawl, his first tooth. My DSLR became more than just the camera I would pull out for family functions and special occasions. It became the instrument of my craft..my art..my calling. I found myself experimenting more and more with my camera. I was pushing myself to learn everything there was to know about photography. How to capture the magical light, the details and the emotions of my subjects. I was no longer just taking pictures. I was documenting life..real life.. and all of its emotions . I had found myself in this place..a place of realizing that my world, with all of it's crazy ups and downs..was beautiful.

The story of Sam's first bike ride was so much more than him getting up on two wheels. When I look at these images years later they encompass the journey more than the end result. My favorite pictures are not him riding solo into the sunset for the first time.

They are the photographs that convey the frustration, determination and joy that got him there.


Over the years..I have found myself compelled to share with other women, especially mothers, how photography has empowered me. It has gifted me with the drive and confidence to become a professional storyteller. My life is now filled with the privilege of documenting and telling those stories through the lens of my camera.

My mantra has always been.."The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others." -M.Ghandi

I am so very excited to be a part of your amazing journey. I live just outside the city of Chicago with my most amazingly supportive husband, my four beautiful boys, one very loyal rescue dog, a bird, two fish and a snake.





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