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Amy Rhodes

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I will never forget the day I found Thomas and Clara sitting in the hallway with an empty industrial size tub of Vaseline. It was empty because all the Vaseline that used to occupy the tub was rubbed into their thick, red hair. They did a fantastic job of making sure that every single strand of hair on both their heads was covered in grease. Did I panic? No. I told them to hold still until I was able to get my camera and take a picture.

I have always loved photography. My Dad was a photographer who specialized in street photography and my Grandpa Frank was a photographer who managed the camera store in Disneyland. As a child, I was fascinated with their suitcases full of lenses kept in empty Pringles cans and their refrigerators full of film. My Dad had a large, black leather portfolio he kept high in the hall closet. It was a treat to get it out and look at the photographs he had stored inside. Because of their example I took a photography class in high school and learned the ins-and-out of working with a film camera and how to develop film in a dark room. 

It was my favorite class and I was sad when the year came to a close. I was graduating and didn’t have any immediate plans to pursue photography in college.

I attended UNLV and earned my bachelors degree in Elementary Education. I taught school for 6 years and then decided to stay home after my husband and I had our son, Thomas. After his birth I once again started to gravitate towards photography. I didn’t have my old Minolta film camera any longer. I had a simple point-and-shoot that I never went without. I loved being a mom and found joy in being able to photograph the milestones that seemed to come too quickly, as well as daily activities.

I bought my first DSLR in 2008 and started teaching myself how to use it. At first I was intimidated by the new digital format, but I soon discovered it wasn’t that much different than my old film camera. I started posting pictures and stories about my children on our family blog. People who knew me and who were reading my blog soon started calling me and asking me to photograph their families. I never intended on creating a photography business but before I knew it I had done just that.

Amy Rhodes Photography has been in full swing for about 2 years. I am based out of the town I grew up in, Las Vegas, NV. I still stay at home with my kids, but work my sessions and office hours around their schedule. My main focus is child and family photography. I love photographing children and the relationships they have with their siblings and parents.

My goal in each session is to not only photograph how the family looks, but capture the spirit of the family as well.

I met Me Ra at a photography convention in 2011. I was drawn to her infectious laugh and her philosophy of empowering moms to photograph their own children. I started following her blog and eventually signed up to attend one of her Confidence workshops. The weekend was wonderful and it was empowering to be in the presence of many other women who had the same goals I did. I am thrilled I get to teach you how to use your camera. I can’t wait to see the joy on your face as you discover that you too can capture priceless images of your own children.

Our workshops will be fun, they will be enlightening and you will walk away with a new talent that will bless your life, just as it has blessed my life.



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Breakthrough Photo Critiques with Amy Rhodes
Breakthrough Photo Critiques by Me Ra Koh's Team of Professional Photographers
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Double Breakthrough Photo Critiques by Me Ra Koh's Team of Professional Photographers
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