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Allison Gallagher

Allison Gallagher

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I was never the girl with the camera.  I remember saying, that I was TERRIBLE at taking pictures and would always hand the camera to someone else.  Who knows if it was true? It was something I had always heard my mom say about herself, so I assumed it applied to me as well.  And the fact that I didn’t understand the technology of the camera was just one more confirmation of those thoughts.  

So, it was a major surprise when I quite literally stumbled upon photography.  One day, I tripped and dropped my point and shoot down a long flight of stairs, breaking it.  When I bought a new camera, it was a DSLR.  It had more buttons than the space shuttle and I was terrified of it.  But, I desperately wanted to capture and celebrate the beautiful story of my children growing up, and that drive pushed me to learn this huge mysterious machine.  And once I really learned how to use it my world opened up.

But, I was still unsure of myself.  I needed back-up.  I needed inspiration.  I needed to learn more and to grow in confidence.  I was so very fortunate to attend a MeRa Koh Confidence Workshop, where I received all of that and more. When I left the workshop, I was filled with so much excitement, but also with fear.  This idea of me actually becoming a photographer was just too CRAZY!!  As the number of miles between me and the safety of workshop began to grow, so did the number of doubts.   The negative self-talk started and I felt like it was possible that I had dreamed the entire weekend. 

In the terrifying quiet of my car, I said aloud, “PLEASE, I NEED A SIGN!  Like a major sign that I can’t miss or explain away.  I need it to be so clear that I have no doubt that it is for me. Please.”    Two minutes later, I passed a wooden sign in front of a home that was on the side of the road.  It said....  “Allison Photography”.     I couldn’t believe my eyes.  Three years later, I am amazed at how much photography has transformed my life.  

Through this process, I have grown so much in confidence and healed some nagging fears that were limiting me.  Now, I am thrilled to be able to share what I have learned with other moms and empower them to pick up their cameras with joy and confidence.
Capturing those beautiful moments in our children’s lives is a gift and a blessing. 

But it is not always easy!!  It can be very challenging.  But, If I can learn this, so can you!

As a mom of two busy little boys, I can tell you that moms live in a world of non-stop motion, noise and distraction.  We are pulled in a hundred directions at once.  

For me, photography has been an oasis from that noise. I have no choice, but to slow down, to think carefully, to listen to my heart and mind, to concentrate and block out the distractions and speed of this world and just BE with my subject, whoever he or she may be... a client or one of my own children.

I hope that, whatever your level of interest in photography, you stay inspired to go out and learn this amazing art form, and that it gives back to you as much as it has given to me.



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